xSHIB Holders Can WOOF $RYOSHI Rewards On ShibaSwap.com

2 min readSep 4, 2021


RYOSHIARMY is celebrating as we can finally Woof our RYOSHI rewards directly from the ‘Bury SHIB’ page on ShibaSwap.com

The screenshot is taken from an xSHIB Holders ‘Bury SHIB’ section on ShibaSwap.com

To claim these rewards go to:
ShibaSwap.comBuryBury SHIB → Scroll Down → “Woof RYOSHI” button has been added!

WOOF Ryoshis via ShibaSwap.com

You can claim the rewards the same way you would claim your BONE rewards simply click the WOOF RYOSHIS button! Unclaimed amounts will accrue next week so you can let your RYOSHI rewards build up on ShibaSwap before WOOFing them to avoid gas fees.

WOOF Ryoshis via ShibaSwap.com

Ryoshi’s Vision continues to be spread! A vision with a core that consists of decentralization, focusing on community-driven growth, continuing to work towards fueling and empowering the almighty ShibaSwap ecosystem! We were at a point I like to think of as Core 0. At Core 0, possibilities are endless. It is a point before existence, where the possibility of existence still isn't quite certain. We have passed Core 0 and we exist! What's next? Well, that's the beautiful thing we will continue to spread Ryoshi’s Vision in as many ways as possible!

The RYOSHI burn and xSHIB reflect is hardcoded into the $RYOSHI contract, which means every BUY, SELL, TRANSFER, and WOOF brings value to $RYOSHI and to the holders of xSHIB! As users begin to WOOF $RYOSHI, and more rewards are added, we will see how the cycle is continuous! Community members have been coming with plans on how to bring utility to the project.

Look into your heart as we grow as a community. I truly believe RYOSHIARMY makes the community what it is and will continue to help shape us as we march forward. Everybody has a purpose. Have you met that special person? Are you Ryoshi?


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