Will the Doge Killer (LEASH) Reach $10,000?

3 min readOct 26, 2021


LEASH Is Clear For Take Off!

I absolutely love the potential of LEASH. No, not because it has been dubbed the DOGE KILLER but because there is only 107,646 LEASH in circulation and as the demand goes up and the supply goes down due to burns that have been and are continuing to be implemented, a big price increase is almost inevitable. I’m sure if you scroll down my Twitter page far enough you will see my price predictions of 100k, some might say I am spot on, others might tell me to put my tin foil hat away. I want to make sure people understand something before calling me crazy, there are catalysts that will propel the ecosystem forward as a whole and as time goes by and more of the SHIB holders become educated about the whole project we will see a lot more money going into LEASH. As demand goes up, and the supply goes down, the price goes up.

unLEASH the LEASH Utility

LEASH was originally going to be a rebase token that was set to be linked with Dogecoin’s price. However, it was later decided that the Doge Killer token will simply continue as an ERC-20 token.

Let's get into the LEASH tokenomics, there are only 107,647 minted tokens which can have a huge impact on its price — the utility is still being worked on by developers but I am sure Shytoshi and the rest of the devs have something up their sleeves, but for now, LEASH holders have the option to stake their tokens in the LEASH staking pool on ShibaSwap.com and get xLEASH, which is a share of the staking pool, based on the amount of LEASH staked on the platform. Rewards given out are in BONE, 66% locked away for 6 months the rest available bi-weekly. I personally think that when Shibarium comes out LEASH will be given some more utility that will increase its value in the long run. Unlike SHIB, LEASH is not listed on any major exchanges just yet making it harder to get ahold of than its lower value counterpart. When LEASH does get listed on major exchanges it will have the ways and means to increase daily volume.

LEASH has already reached an (ATH) of $8,983.59. This was before all the hype, before the swap was released, before the announcement of Shibarium. SHIB has recently been buzzing on social media causing and this has caused a lot of attention for LEASH as well. Its huge increase in price is proof of the influence social platforms can bring on the price of LEASH. Oct. 4, 2021, LEASH token was priced at $850, however, since then it reached $2,535, a level which was last seen in July 2021.

ShibArmy, we are heading back towards that ATH!

LEASH reaching $10,000 is a very real possibility with all these new catalysts on the horizon and future major listings in the works, not to mention Shibarium is being worked on right now that can change the future of LEASH immensely. Yes, this is all just speculations but realize that some of the big parts of this project has always been kept hush hush until it is ready to be released to the public. The reason being is the DeFi space is very competitive so holding back certain information is a must. It has been a truly amazing ride being a part of the ShibArmy and I have a tremoundous amount of trust in the development team.

LEASH will soon be all the way unLEASHED!