Wars Won and Battles Lost

Sometimes we need to lose the small battles in order to win the whole war. I always try to keep that in mind. SHIBARMY stay strong. I have recently been posting a lot of informative materials on my Medium simply because I saw the need for that type of material to be spread through the community. If you know me you know I am not some technical wiz ;) Nor have I ever creatively expressed myself like this before.

When CryptoBokiWop was born he was just an anon alias I thought I could just hide behind while embracing the crypto community. It has turned into something far bigger than I ever imagined. I feel like I have the responsibility to my readers and followers to keep things as non-bias as possible. I am writing from a personal perspective and you should not take anything as financial advice. If anything, I hope you learn from my journey.

I believe in the ShibaToken project and I am always going to be SHIBARMY. There is no jumping ship for me. Thats just not how I move. We are a community. I do not take that lightly. Being a part of a community means you try and over come hurdles, not leave when the going gets tough.

I have been seeing some people with negative reactions to their staking rewards. In my opinion this is due to high expectations from all the hype the SHIBARMY generated. It was kind of a double edged sword at the end of the day. If you read the Woof Papers the devs made it clear what rewards would be weeks before ShibaSwap was released.

You still have all the right to have high expectations for the project but keep expectations reasonable. A saying that my lawyer always said to me sticks with me right now “Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst”. When the estimated returns were calculated almost a month before the swap was released it makes no sense that people are upset now that the rewards are being distributed DYOR.

People were expecting a ‘Moon’ when ShibaSwap.com was released, but that wasn’t the case. We even went down a little as far as price goes. On the flip side of things, we now have the foundation needed to really take off. I know it seems cliche to say but I think this is just the start.

Remember what Ryoshi said the swap was step 1 of then a 5 step plan. Below is some of the things I wanted to bring back up that was outlined in the Medium post “I Am Ryoshi”

So the reason I am writing this (perhaps philosophical) message is to prepare you, my loved ones for the inevitable and present a vision of the future to carry forward as a decentralized community. — Ryoshi (I am Ryoshi)

Shytoshi Kusama posted this in the Discord Server July 26th 2021

1 — ShibaSwap {COMPLETE}
“This has started as a fork of Sushi and added our own little twists and elements. It is a fully decentralized endeavor that will issue the BONE token (supply starts at 0) And for those that read some “fud” — don’t worry about it, ShibaSwap is real and if you don’t believe me, then you are officially invited to opt-out from this community!” — Ryoshi (I am Ryoshi)
As we all know, ShibaSwap has already been launched. The liquidity event came and went and there were zero problems with the Swap. Some delayed rewards could be considered a lost battle but the war was won. The goal has been accomplished. Stay strong SHIBARMY we are now moving to the next phase.

2a +b — Shiba L2/Own blockchain and The Shiba L2 (Shibarium)
There were talks about BONE being used as the primary pair token for Shibarium keep that in mind while you are getting all these rewards! I really don’t think that It is not like BONE is even close to its max value in my opinion. There is so much room for growth.

3 — SHI
The end goal is that SHI (operating both on ETH and the Shibarium) becomes a global stable currency that plebs across all countries are able to use as both a store of value and method of payment” — Ryoshi(I am Ryoshi)

4 -Shibarium financial ecosystem
“in addition to SHI being added as a weighted pool pair on CURVE on the ETH network, we expect a multitude of Forks of the financial basis onto the Shibarium, this includes AAVE, CURVE, COMPOUND and of course ShibaSwap to name a few. A fantastic and immutable bridge of course is critical to all this”. — Ryoshi(I am Ryoshi)

Shytoshi Kusama posted this in the Discord Server July 26th 2021

5 — ShibaCon
This shall start with small localized meetups and then once a year (global openness willing) there shall be a ShibaCon in a different location. — Ryoshi(I am Ryoshi)
Personally, I cannot wait to meet you all in person at ShibaCon. I imagine myself at ShibaCon 2024 in Budapest surrounded by SHIBARMY stronger than ever. This is one of my favourite things to fantasize about when I am thinking of the future of this project. I love this community, the ups and the downs.

Obviously everything in “I Am Ryoshi” was subject to change, but one thing I can confirm is that the devs and core team aren’t just celebrating the release of ShibaSwap and hanging the boots up. They are working hard day in and day out, overcoming any hurdles that are coming their way, and moving this project further along. I do not have an ounce of doubt that the core team or devs are straying from the plan. I think that if anything they have added to it and enhanced it.

Remember how competitive this space we are in is. There is no room for error moving forward. It’s SHIBARMY turn to have the dev and core teams backs. They have had ours all this time. Giving us a space to thrive, teaching us about crypto, putting so many like minded people in one place that a lot of great things stemmed from the SHIB community.

There are many exciting things coming for the SHIB community and the SHIBARMY has a lot to be pumped up about in the future. We need to stick together as all these things are happening.



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