ShibArmy Led By Shytoshi Kusama Has Been Crushing The Competition

4 min readOct 26, 2021


I remember when I first started posting about SHIB on Twitter there weren’t even 100k SHIB holders. I wasn’t bullish about SHIB because it was some trend I was following, or echoing the next person's Tweet. I was one of the pioneers in the DeFi space that was pushing this narrative. It was my love for the community that drove me to educate myself on everything that had to do with this amazing project and help out in any way I could. I even went as far as to buy myself a Shiba Inu puppy and named him Goji. I invested my time, money, and energy into this project and I will continue to do so.

My Shiba Inu Puppy Named “Goji”

A Truly Decentralized Community

Decentralization means we can all play a part in this project. During the early days, there were people on the Official Shib Token Discord Server that went onto the server daily just to spread FUD. People were doubting the release of Seeing how far we have come I know it is hard to imagine but it is true. Having a background in the music industry I could relate the ‘Pre swap’ days to the days before a major album was dropping. There was so much hype about all the different future scenarios. Go back and read my previous articles and you will see there was never an ounce of doubt in my body. I have plenty of skills that could be used in favor of ShibArmy and I intended to use them.

Even as the Shiba Token “mooned” I got many messages like “ryo, you must be a billionaire now, haha” but the reality is still to this day I own 0 SHIB. Why? Well if I did, then I can’t be who I am and for now I know that I have a role to play. I can’t be pure and unbiased if I am worried about price up and down and taking profits. (don’t worry, the great Shiba will reward me in other ways i guess) The end result of this is that you [ShibArmy] are responsible. — RYOSHI RESEARCH (I Am Ryoshi. Medium Article)

ShibaSwap Temporary DAO

Be The Change You Want To See Happen

SHIB is the first token in the ecosystem, high circulating supply, low value. LEASH is the second, low circulating supply, high value. BONE is the governance token and most valuable to some ShibArmy members, this is obviously an opinion and is up for debate, but having voting power for such a dynamic and large project holds weight for sure. Many of our newer holders don’t have this knowledge but it is very important they understand that BONE holders have the power to create proposals that could potentially affect the future direction of the project. Developers are working on finishing the “Doggy DAO” that will be an ‘in house’ DAO that will allow users to make and vote on those proposals, for now, we are using this temporary DAO:

Having a governance token and a DAO is a MUST for truly decentralized projects to succeed. — CryptoBokiWop

As Shytoshi Kusama once told me when I asked ‘Why are we creating our own blockchain if ETH 2.0 will be solving the high gas fee issues?’ he simply replied, “Isn’t better to have your own?”

I am sure this same ‘let's have our own’ methodology was in mind when developing our own Doggy DAO rather than using SnapShot long term, and the same for being able to trade Shiboshis NFTs on the ShibaSwap NFT Marketplace rather than using OpenSea or Rarible. Shytoshi and the devs are following Ryoshi’s road map that has been laid out for us since the beginning and adapting as needed.

DAO stands for ‘decentralized autonomous organization’ and is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members, and not influenced by a central government.

Tokens Analytics Available On The ShibaSwap Bonefolio A Safe Space For DeFi Projects To Shine

One of the best things about this fantastic project is that it is an actual decentralized project that not only helps other projects by making their tokens more accessible by allowing trading to happen via, but in some cases, they give holders incentive to own a particular token by rewarding them in BONE if they Dig (Provide Liquidity) and Woof (Yield Farm) on Projects like Dog COLLAR are exclusively available on ShibaSwap, and fees are made from every transaction. This creates a ‘you scratch our back, we scratch your back’ situation where everyone wins. COLLAR gets a safe place for their holders to trade their tokens, and ShibaSwap receives fees from every transaction. Since ShibaSwap is decentralized, fees accrued follow the ShibaSwap global fees distribution.