Phase 2 Loading… Wen Shibarium?

5 min readAug 1, 2021


Phase 2 Welcoming The New Era!

Shytoshi dropped a bomb today with his Shiba Inu Phase 2 Medium article, causing a splash in the community. You can see the excitement get stirred up all over again. After releasing the highly anticipated ShibaSwap there were mixed feelings throughout ShibArmy. I think there was a big learning curve for some, but a majority got adjusted and appreciate the swap and all it has to offer. I personally used it and more than doubled my money so far. SHIB and LEASH, and then later BONE were my three most lucrative investments. I did make some money swing trading it, buying low selling high averaging down when I could. The main source of the profits came from me being in the liquidity pool and having my assets buried. I am now burying any BONE i get, compounding my rewards. I now ‘live’ within the ShibToken ecosystem and it is a delightful place to be let me tell you…

Something Shytoshi talked about that got me very excited was the SHIB burn, Doggy DOA, SHI, and all the advancements for LEASH. We got confirmation that Phase 2 is in full effect. Knowing that the devs are hard at work behind the scenes gives holders peace of mind imo. As outsiders looking in we have to try to understand that it is a really competitive business and at a certain point if too much information is released it could actually have a negative effect on the project. There might be some other Inu tokens popping up with a cute logo but they are all bark no bite. Holders have been craving some info on what the future holds and Shytoshi delivered the layout of Phase 2.

Snapshot our Temporary Doggy DAO is live!

The ShibArmy members holding 30k in Bone or more will be able to submit new token proposals via the temporary Doggy DAO using snapshot: the community can vote within 48 hours, and once approved, they will list the token in the Woofable pools. Every new token listed on the WOOFable pools will either be required to pay a listing fee, paid in LEASH, or provide additional tokens. This is good news for LEASH holders.

To submit a proposal email: or submit a proposal today!

As you can imagine ‘Wen Shibarium?’ floods the comments….

L2 will be Shiba’s very own blockchain. The team is working with Xfund to complete the project. That is great news because Xfund has a very good structure. Bone will be the native token to Shibarium (just like BRB or Matic for their respective blockchains). This will give BONE more utility on top of the governance features.

SHI the global exchange of value will be pegged to $.01. This will be our stable coin. This is such a big move for us all! When SHI becomes a global stable currency we can officially say that Ryoshi’s vision truly changed the world as we knew it. I cannot thank Shytoshi and the other devs enough for carrying out this mission to the best of their abilities.

ShibaNet is a new way for any business, or person to sell products. SHI will be the main payment system on ShibaNet since that is our stable coin. SHI however is on Shibarium that is governed by other coins in the ecosystem. We can now see how everything is falling in place. Like a perfectly orchestrated symphony and Shytoshi is our humble composer. This announcement about Phase 2 is incredible news for holders of any token in the ecosystem SHIB BONE and LEASH.

Let It Burn!

Devs figured out a way to implement SHIB burns effectively harboring the power of NFT technology. Personally, I do not think we should be burning SHIB, I think we should be simply HODLing and making it the most accessible digital currency ever imaginable.

1/10,000 Shiba NFTs

This NFT project will feature 10,000 Shiba NFTs that all have special attributes. As Shytoshi mentioned in the discord server, it is a math equation. There are 10,000 Shiba NFTs right now. If everybody that gets one needs to pay 10M SHIB to change the name of your Shiba NFT or some other special attribute that's interchangeable, then

1/10,000 Shiba NFTs

Shiba Inu will introduce our first official NFT set! We’ve seen amazing NFTs from our community in the past, but this NFT set is a group of 10,000 Shiba NFTs with special attributes. Reminiscent of CryptoPunks and HashMasks, any of these amazing NFTs are a great addition to your Crypto Wallet. Best of all, the team is investigating ways to implement SHIB burns into the system to change the attributes of your purchased NFT.

Shytoshi Kusama explains potential burns…

Lets break this down… IN THEORY
10,000 NFTs are distributed… In order to change your NFTs name let's say it costs 10M SHIB if all that gets burnt we would then have burnt 100,000,000,000 SHIB*….

Let’s say you can change 5 different things about each NFT.

Or another 10,000 are minted.….

You can now see how massive this burning can get…

I do not know the exact numbers for this. I am simply giving an example of how this can work. In Shytoshi’s example, he used 1M as a price point to change the name of the NFTs.