“How to DIG WOOF and BURY” on ShibaSwap.com

5 min readJul 9, 2021


Holy!!! Shib Army are you guys with me?!?! This has been a crazy couple of days in the crypto world. Jealousy brings FUD. FUD brings more FUD…. What I’m getting at here is that A LOT of misinformation is being looked over and it is harming the community. Some people may have not been paying attention last month when we were shilling tutorials on how to use Shiba Swap, many instead were worried about what kind of wrap they were going to buy for their Lambos. No kidding some people are lost.

Regardless I am a Shib Army member and I feel as though it is my duty to spread my knowledge and help inform some of the new people.

Below is a very basic overview of some of the functions and my view on how to make the most out of the liquidity event!. Before I get into the “step by step” I want to go over a couple things. Pay attention to the APR percentages they will guide you and maybe even drive you to use the SWAP function. We have BONES being minted. ETH being swapped for SHIB BONE and LEASH on ShibaSwap and more. UNIv2 LP and SLP tokens being FETCHED and migrated into SSLP tokens… There is a whole lot going on, oh what a time to be a Shib Army member. I get it can be very overwhelming especially if you are new to this. If you are new I suggest you learn a little more about liquidity pools , IL , staking and yield farming. Let us not bask in the glory but make sure we are staying focused on helping each other throughout the community.

How To Add Dig

Step 1 —

Click Provide Liquidity

Step 2a —

Click Create a Pair

Step 3a —

Find Your Pair and Dig (Add Liquidity)

Now you have SSLP tokens. These SSLP tokens represents your position in the liquidity pool. There are many things to think about such as Impermanent Loss. Once you have your SSLP tokens you need to start WOOFing to get your BONE!!!!


Step 1 —
Find the pair that your SSLP tokens represent and click….

Step 2—

Your current amount of tokens will show up over the corresponding column (withdraw/deposit). Select the amount you want to move around in the corresponding section. If you are Depositing you will see the amount leave your wallet and show up in the “Depositing” Section. See picture below. Where it says 14.6955LP. That is the amount that is currently gaining rewards and the rewards are being built up in real time. That amount of BONE you see on the white WOOF button is the total amount of BONE you have made as rewards with these SSLP tokens since you last withdrawn.

“What happens when I woof my BONE it said 100 when I clicked WOOF but i only got 33 of them?”
66% of your bone becomes unWOOFABLE for 6 months and you will see that time lock reflected in the bottom right hand section of the WOOF section. (Woofable next date-picture below) The other 33% gets transferred into your wallet. These are your immediate rewards as promised by the FEARLESS SHYTOSHI!!!!!

I also want to point out is that when you deposit or withdraw your SSLP, all of your pending BONE for that pool will be WOOFed automatically.

So now that you know how to DIG, you know how to WOOF what many are doing are repeating this process with the BONE they have…. Soon you will run out of ETH to pair with all the BONE you are getting and you won’t know what to do with it. A smart dog would bury it.

How To Bury

Step 1 —

Click on Stake Tokens… Shiba Swap cleverly renamed this Staking action as Bury.

Step 2 —

Here you can Bury (stake) your Shib, Bone, or Leash.

Step 3 —

You can Stake or Unstake in a moments notice!! There are contracts to approve here before you can stake or unstake. When you stake you will get xSHIB, tBONE, or xLEASH transferred into your wallet. This represents your stake. When you Unstake you will be converting your xSHIB tBONE xLEASH back into its original form. To see rewards you have to leave it buried for AT LEAST A WEEK!

Wow right? Pretty amazing what the guys did with this one. There are many mixed reviews as everybody anxiously awaits the Certik audit. The true Shib Army members are BULLISH as it gets with this one. BONE has the potential to be the most sought after token in all of DeFi.

There are also Swap features available on ShibaSwap that make swapping ETH for BONE easy!!! After I get some feedback about this article I will be writing one about the FETCH and SWAP features!!!

Please don’t take any of my opinions to heart and none of this is financial advice. I am just a guy like you thats trying to spread some knowledge around the community. Anybody that know me knows I am all about uplifting this community. I am not going to post my wallet here or anything but if anybody wants to donate to me for any of my efforts just donate it to the Devs instead so we can move this thing along further the donation wallet address can be found on ShibaToken.com