HANU Yokia Heading To A New All Time High

October was an amazing month for HANUfamily, not just because of the recent price action but there has been tons of new information released about the project that has the community buzzing with excitement. This month you may have seen Goji Crypto advertisements if you have been on some of the major cryptocurrency websites. Analytics show that GojiCrypto.com has been visited more this month than any other since launch. With GojiSwap development almost complete, a new Goji Community Mobile App announced, a new microtransaction token will be added to the ecosystem, a website update on the horizon, talks about a major exchange listing HANU, and news about Goji Unified Router released there are so many reasons this project is taken so seriously.

HANU had some really great price action in October and it was a steady and healthy increase. Many people contributed to this price growth and that is a good thing. If one person was to buy in big and raise the price then when that one person decides to sell it could tank the price. That was not the case this month. Just looking through the Etherscan transactions you can tell the growth is very healthy. There were a lot of smaller buys and new holders joining the community this month raising the price over 400% in October. In the last 14 days, there was a price increase of 194%, and in the last 7 days 95.9%. This steady growth is the kind of growth investors love because it provides room for the price to correct itself. Many people in the crypto world have been referring to October as Uptober because of all the growth going on and HANU surely was not left out.

HANU Price Increase In Percent via CoinGecko.com

Goji Crypto’s resident technical analysis specialist, and Goji Crypto Discord Server Moderator, Cyril Keir, has been bullish on HANU for quite some time now and has offered many TAs throughout this month, posting them on the Goji Crypto Discord Server. These TAs have helped many people find a good entry point, develop a good trading strategy, or simply provide some peace of mind to HANU hodlers. I suggest all readers join the server and check out some of his work and see exactly why he is so bullish on HANU. Like I always say, men lie, women lie, numbers don't!

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