HANU Listed On CoinMarketCap

HANU Yokia now on CoinMarketCap

Another amazing milestone reached by the Goji Crypto team today, HANU has been listed on CoinMarketCap. This is currently seen as a rite of passage in the cryptocurrency community so it is only right that HANU got listed. Price action reflected this big news, HANU had a 27.88% increase in price currently trading at .0000032*. Holder count increased as well, passing 1500 holders* on the Ethereum Network and 500 holders* on the Polygon Network within hours of being added to CoinMarketCap website. This news put a lot of new eyes on this project and is a great catalyst on the road to the release of GojiSwap Exchange.

Great things are said about Goji Crypto on all social platforms but I enjoy communicating with other holders on Twitter and Discord the most. Twitter accounts that used to Tweet things like ‘WhitePapers coming soon’ and ‘Goji Crypto will be an amazing project’ are now spreading the news about all the milestones that have been recently reached. Many holders have been lurking the GojiCrypto Discord Server anxiously awaiting more news about the swaps reward structure. What we already know; staking HANU, MIA, and GOJ will earn you the most GABA, and staking your GABA will earn you even more rewards. GABA is our governance token that will be used heavily in the Goji DAO, and help decide the future direction of Goji Crypto.

GojiSwap Exchange Rewards

This is a great way to let your money work for you and create some passive income with your investment as you wait for your target sell price to be reached. There have been talks amongst the community about a possible liquidity event where holders will be able to earn bonus rewards to help promote the swaps release as well as reward the early holders and swap users but nothing about an event like this has been confirmed by developers just yet. Regardless of bonus rewards, GABA is a token I will try to stock up on for sure.


All stats mentioned as of 10/11/21



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