HANU +219% Since Being Listed On CoinGecko

It is almost as if the story was told by legends written in the stars. Except it wasn’t the stars, it was my previous medium articles about Goji Crypto. I have been telling you all how bullish I am about HANU and today you can see exactly why and the results if you listened. I am basking in the glory of +219% play.

$HANU +219.56%

With the recent CoinGecko listing, the GojiSwap news, and crazy price action today all eyes are on the Goji Crypto team. Holders who were bullish last week are extremely happy with the performance today. Personally I still see so much room for growth, remember this is just the start.

Many of my readers have been asking me to share my strategy. I managed to nearly triple my money in rewards alone using ShibaSwap and I am planning to do even better with the release of GojiSwap. I think since you all have been on this journey with me this far, it is time I start to share some of my moves. Not Financial Advice!!!

My plan right now is acquire as much HANU as possible before the release of GojiSwap Exchange. As my bag of HANU gets bigger I will trade my HANU into MIA and GOJ as well insuring I receive the maximum amount of rewards when GojiSwap comes out. It is important for me to remind myself that these rewards I am getting for staking is an added bonus on top of some good price action. So while I wait for HANU to “moon” I will be generating passive income on GojiSwap. The community is ready to see the White Papers now more than ever. News about the reward structure has already came out and I will be breaking that down thoroughly in my next article! I hope anybody that missed out on some of the amazing rewards on ShibaSwap has a put together a better strategy for the release of GojiSwap.



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