Goji Crypto

So as everybody knows Defi is the wave right now. You may go searching through twitter looking for the next moonshot and may never find it. Luckily you know who CryptoBokiWop is.

Goji Crypto is a community that deserves the spotlight for many reasons. With a fully doxxed lead developer who is currently the Executive VP of Cloud Computing at NY Life. WOW right? Finally we have somebody to hold accountable. We have someone who isn’t hiding behind an anon account that communicates with holders. Goji Crypto Discord Server even has a section designated purely for holders to ask a question directly to staff.

What a refreshing change!!! I know nothing in crypto is a sure shot, but after spending some time in the community I feel as if this is the closest it gets. Core members treating this like a start-up gives us the notion that we are focused on growth, and growing properly for that matter. Within Goji Crypto, the core team has the camaraderie of a championship winning team, making self implosion a very unlikely thing.

Goji Crypto team members stride to be better everyday. Learning from mistakes and building bonds will only propel them further. Through some hardships came new life. You can feel the energy, it’s truly a unique feeling.

There is a budget set aside for marketing, lead devs and core team that won’t give up, solves problems, and are super transparent. These are all the ingredients necessary to succeed! With less than 1,000 holders when this article was written, now is a perfect time to get in early. You may not have a chance like this again.

With a revamped website design, white papers on the horizon, and a 500 Million $HANU giveaway sponsored by the devs make this project something to be paying attention too. Who wouldn’t want to win a free 500$ right!? Simply join the Goji Discord for a chance to win the giveaway!



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I am an Artist, A Writer and a Crypto Junkie