Goji Crypto August Recap

It has been an epic month for HANUfamily and the Goji Crypto Team. Forming a partnership with Benzinga, having articles on Yahoo! Finance, participating in a Crypto Trading Festival, HANU got listed on XT.com and 1inch while simultaneously reaching the 1,400 HANU Holder milestone, and a new ATH, and I cannot forget about the MASSIVE 7Trillion HANU burn by Unicrypt, valued at about 70 Million USD. These are just some of the August accomplishments. Internally, the team is making some improvements as well. New moderators have been added to the ModSquad (Discord Moderation Team) and the HypeSquad (Community Marketing Team) continues to grow. August has been jam-packed with action day in and day out filled with announcements and some huge giveaways too!

Goji Crypto - $HANU $MIA $GOJ and $GABA

Unicrypt Network has burned a MASSIVE amount of HANU this month! 7 trillion HANU valued at over 70 Million USD at the time of the burn [08/18/2021] This is the biggest HANU burn to date!

7,000,000,000,000 HANU Approx $70,000,000.00 USD Burned by Unicrypt Network

Benzinga featured Goji Crypto in an article earlier this month titled “How Goji Crypto Will Revolutionize Blockchain for Business” this served as an introduction for potential holders. YAHOO! Finance, another media giant in the crypto universe picked up the story as well. It’s great to see huge media outlets like these post about Goji Crypto. It’s reassurance we are on the right path for current holders and a doorway into our active community for new holders.

Late in the month [08/31/2021] two members from the Goji Crypto Mod Squad, Omar Shands (Compliance Officer) and Zach Evans (Publishing Manager) who participated in a Crypto Trading Festival hosted by Benzinga. Some great feedback was given after this presentation. Many expressed that the pair really shed a positive light on the project. Just to see Goji Crypto among some of the other participants gives holders even more reassurance about the project. Goji’s potential for growth far outweighs any doubts in the community.

Benzinga Crypto Trading Festival Sponsors & Participants

HANU got listed on two exchanges in August making it even more accessible, one CEX and one DEX. XT is a centralized exchange, founded in July 2018 and headquartered in Hong Kong. XT is a global digital currency trading service provider. XT exchange adopts microservice architecture to develop matching engine and operation maintenance to support secure and fast OTC transactions. Set price to a limit for purchase or sell, or trade at market value, the dashboard has all the tools you need to make your moves. Great news for HANUfamily, you can now trade HAN8U/USDT on XT.com!


1inch is, first and foremost, a DEX aggregator. That means it scrapes a handful of decentralized exchanges for the cheapest prices and reroutes its customers’ trades between them to try and ensure that they’re getting the best prices. You can now trade HANU/ETH on 1inch making HANU the most accessible token in the Goji Crypto ecosystem. Throughout August the team has taken step after step in the right direction, there will be many more listings to come.

HANU/ETH on 1inch Exchange

As you may know, when GojiSwap Exchange comes out you will have the chance to stake your Goji Crypto assets, HANU, MIA, and GOJ, and get rewarded in the governance token GABA. If you stake 2 assets you get a bonus of 10% GABA per block rewards, if you stake all 3 you get rewarded a bonus of 20% GABA per block rewards. One way you can get GOJ right now is to farm with HANU/ETH Uni-V2 LP tokens on Unicrypt. Farming started August 29th and will finish in about 3 months.

Unicrypt x Goji Crypto
GOJ Farm Info on Unicrypt

The progress being made is tremendous, and it is also reflecting on our charts. August 1st we were trading around .00000150 we are now [09/01/2021] trading at .00000730. We saw an all-time high this month at .000016 shedding a zero, getting rid of some paper hands on the way down, finding support at .000007 not too bad for a community that's not even 3 months old with less than 1500 holders. Transparency, hard work, and a great community is going to keep driving this project. There is so much on the horizon GojiSwap Exchange, GojiLock, GojiPay, GojiBridge and more! It is hard not to think HANU is about to really moon. As I look into my crystal ball I am realizing that it is just a matter of time until the buying pressure really picks up and this thing takes off! August has been good to Goji Crypto and the Benzinga Crypto Trading Festival was truly a great way to end the summer, I am excited to see what September brings!




I am an Artist, A Writer and a Crypto Junkie

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I am an Artist, A Writer and a Crypto Junkie

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