Goji Crypto Announces Huge News This Week

This week we found out that the Goji Crypto team have been working behind the scenes on Gojiswap Exchange! On this platform you will be able to add liquidity to Goji’s own pools, create new LP pairs with any tokens you see available on the platform, and will also incorporate a liquidity migration tool so that you can bring over UniswapV2 pairs to the Gojiswap Exchange. With the Gojiswap.exchange domain secured, things are well on the way. I will be giving you guys updates as I see them!

Gojiswap Exchange

Having an exchange of their own will not just benefit the holders but help reduce the business expenses for the SaaS platform backend in the future.

What sticks out at me the most is the fact that the lead developer behind this project is Stephen Banner and he is fully doxxed and an active member of the community. I see him popping in the discord and engaging with holders. Personally I feel as though I can trust Stephen, and this is a shared energy among the Goji community.

Now that isn’t all the news that we got hit with this week. The Goji Crypto team seem to have something else up their sleeves. Goji Crypto is developing new service platforms for all ERC tokens / projects to utilize. The following new services will be;

Staking as a service
Yield farming as a service
Liquidity locking as a service
Token locking as a service

All services will be able to be used by not only people who hold Goji Crypto and its own assets, but anyone who wants to use the services with whatever ERC tokens they choose. Why use the Goji platform over the next? Great question, Goji plans to offer all of the services listed above with lower fees that their competitors and at a ZERO cost for Goji Ecosystem Tokens HANU, MIA, GOJ and GABA.

“I’ve been working on the white papers and want to integrate quotes about the blockchain… Post your favourite quote by someone, or yourself, and I’ll see if I can work those quotes into the white papers.” Stephen Banner encouraging holders to get involved on the Goji Discord.

Hype is felt all throughout the community, new holders pouring in, Stephen even popped in the discord asking holders for quotes about theblockchain that may be included in the white papers. Such an incredibly great time to be a part of the HANUfamily. As we all hold our breath and wait for the White Papers it seems as if we are in great hands.



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