Goji Crypto Admins Release Big News To Holders

Goji Crypto administrator Matt Hyman released some new information about the project via Discord. This new information proved that the Goji Crypto team has been hard at work behind the scenes. Transparency has been something the core team always valued. The [Goji] team always preached that they would be as transparent as possible with holders, holding information back would create mistrust within the community and can harm the project. Holders expect some info to be withheld due to the competitive nature of the DeFi space but the response from the community confirms the appreciation they have for the core teams' transparent ways.

This announcement is the biggest announcement to date and definitely worth talking about. Matt aka Sig7 released some news about the current state of the project and also got into some future plans as well.

GojiSwap platform is in the developmental testing stage and is a highly anticipated part of the project. Holders have been loading up on HANU planning how they will be earning passive incoming using the swaps staking function. It was also mentioned that there will be an audit performed soon and be launched thereafter. Stephen Banner Goji Crypto’s lead developer hinted that Hacken.io might be the security consulting company that would be auditing the project but nothing has been officially confirmed just yet.

Another thing mentioned was a new website is going to be launched. One of the administrators known as ‘Kebby’ on the Goji Crypto Discord Server has been hard at work day in and day out developing a brand new website that will allow the core team to grow the project on both the community and business side. Kebby is known for his security skills, coding the bots for Discord, and also keeping our communities safe. Having a new website design will help the project immensely in my opinion. One of the first things people will do when hearing about Goji Crypto is visit the website and everybody knows how important first impressions are. This will be the 2nd major design update to the website since July when the website first launched.

Hyman dove into some of the future plans for the project and it had me at the edge of my seat while I was reading the announcement. In the near future, we should be expecting a Goji Community Mobile App described as an all in one solution for everything Goji. This could mean an integrated news platform, GojiSwap, DAO platform, yield farming, and much more. Holders will be waiting for some more detailed information about this application but this is very cutting edge for a cryptocurrency community. One thing I have not really seen in the DeFi space is a good mobile application with the functions mentioned above. Having all these capabilities at your fingertips, on the go, can be a super powerful tool and a complete game-changer. Crypto being so volatile can create a need for having access to these functions 24/7. I have heard stories of people being stuck at work as a token they hold soared past ATH and then crashed right after all while they were on the way home or at work resulting in them missing all the action and losing out on tons of money. Having a good mobile application can be a solution to problems like that and can help the community immensely.

One of the most exciting things that were mentioned was news about a new listing. Other communities saw huge growth when first being listed to exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. When SHIB first got listed on Binance the growth was exponential and every exchange that listed SHIB after that led to more growth. Accessibility and convience is a big reason a project is successful and the [Goji] team obviously understands that. If HANU gets listed on Binance or one of the other major exchanges, we should expect some major price action and the holder count should increase as well. This is almost a guarantee, we will see some major growth. When HANU got listed on CoinMarketCap we saw an increase of about 20% in price and over 500 new holders on both the Ethereum Network and Polygon Network. This was just when we got listed on a website that tracks statistics, one can only imagine what kind of growth we would see if HANU got listed on one of the biggest exchanges in cryptocurrency.

Right now there are four tokens under the Goji Crypto umbrella, HANU, MIA, GOJ, and GABA. Holders have been informed in this new announcement that there will be a fifth token under the umbrella. There wasn’t much information given out about this token other than it will be a pre-launch microtransaction token. A microtransaction is a business model where people can conduct transactions using relatively small sums of money (known as micropayments). The value of these payments can be as little as a few cents. Traditionally, the cost of facilitating such a small electronic transaction stood in the way of this type of business model. New technologies, in particular, blockchain, are changing that. With some blockchain technologies, it is possible to send amounts as low as cents without exorbitant fees. This feature makes it possible to come up with new business models for some online services. For example, you may be able to pay a few cents to read a single article on a website using micropayments. I will be giving updates on this new token as they are released to the public.

Goji Crypto banner promoting HANU on DexToolsApp

Marketing is an important part of any business, that includes cryptocurrency projects. Goji Crypto has previously relied on word of mouth to spread news and information about the project. Holders volunteered their time to coordinate social media campaigns, this lead to some big influencers joining HANUfamily and drove the holder count up steadily. Another tactic used was giveaways that required social media actions to enter. Some might share a link about Goji Crypto on their FaceBook or Twitter and that would earn them entry into the giveaway. All these tactics were successful but you can only expect minor growth if continuing to go down this path. It seems the core team recognized that and partnered with multiple crypto space companies to advertise the project. Benzinga was one of the first partnerships, there was an article about Goji Crypto that ended up on the Benzinga website, YahooFinance, and other media blogs picked up the story as well such as Gokhshtein Media, run by notable crypto influencer David Gokhshtein. Moderators Omar Shands (Compliance Officer) and Zach Evans (Publishing Manager) both represented Goji Crypto in the Benzinga Crypto Trading Festival on August 31st, 2021. Most recently you can find Goji Crypto and HANU promoted on what I would consider the best place for a DeFi project, the top banner on DexToolsApp. HANU will also be seen as a featured sponsor on the application. This marketing campaign will extend into November, expect plenty of new eyes on this project.

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